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A rant about homophobia

What I don’t understand about homophobes is their ignorance. I mean, what they don’t understand is that it’s not just some disease you can cure, or some mental health disorder (it was considered a mental health disorder until the late 1970s). They also don’t understand that it’s only human, and that homosexuality is actually VERY common in the animal kingdom, but (as I read on tumblr) homophobia only exists in humans. I mean, look at dolphins for fuck’s sake! They rape each other and humans! I would be more terrified of fucking DOLPHINS than normal human beings! Oh, and another thing: most of these homophobes are so terrified that every gay person they meet will magically become obsessed with having gay sex with them. Gay people aren’t rapists! Well, unless they actually are, but that doesn’t mean it’s only homosexuals. 

Here are my own thoughts on the matter:

being homophobic is like being racist. I mean, unless gay people did something really bad to you and traumatized you for life, there is absolutely no need to be so hateful toward them. We’re all human! In fact, if you haven’t had a single gay fantasy about anyone, you’re fucking weird! Anyway, another thing about this is that people will always tell you “If you love them, stick with them” oh but not for gays. GOD FORBID a GAY MAN falls in love with another GAY MAN, but let me put it this way: God forbid a human being falls in love with another human being. Doesn’t sound so fucking horrible now, now does it? 

Back to the racism thing: Homophobia is like being racist. Let’s say that lesbians are Asian, gays are European, and homophobic people are American (the heterosexuals that believe in gay rights are not in this scenario, well, maybe later). Let’s just say that there is a fat, stupid, ugly American walking around when they see an Asian couple holding hands, then along comes a European couple holding hands and kissing. Of course the American is APPALLED, and says “What you’re doing is wrong, immoral, unholy, and disgusting! You’re setting a horrible example for future generations you stupid Asians/Europeans!” and later goes home and does the exact same thing with their spouse. I have a huge problem with this because it just one terrified little person belittling another human and the person they love. It’s like, if blonde girls refuse to hang out with brunettes because of their hair. It’s JUST HAIR. 

So, anyway, I just needed to rant because love is love, people! Everyone has a right to find their soulmate, whether or not they are a man, a woman or both! And if you are a homophobe, I feel so fucking bad for you, because gay people are the kindest, most understanding, and SWEETEST people you will EVER meet, and I hope you burn in hell with Justin Bieber, all of the skrillex songs, and demonized “Call Me Maybe” combined playing over the P.A. system for not giving them their rights as human beings and you DEFINITELY don’t belong on Tumblr, you turdbenders.

LGBT Rights all the way!!

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